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Moinhos do Do

Welcome to country estate Moinhos do Dão

Moinhos do Dão, translated as 'Mills on the river Dão', is a beautiful country estate situated on the banks of the Dão river in the heartland of Portugal. Terraces, built to support grapevines in the past, now provide land for cabins and campsites, while the river Dão flows under and around the Miller's houses, sculpting the terrain. In the last decade the old Miller's house and barns have been restored and now house several rustic guest quarters. The terrain has a small natural beach on the bank of the river Dão where one can enter the river for a swim or canoe trip.

Moinhos do Dão has studios and cabins, beautiful campsites, and a restaurant that uses regional, seasonal products and welcomes vegetarians. During the spring and autumn season we specialize in hiking holidays and have a knowledgeable guide available. Hikers can explore the surrounding area and go on longer, 2-day hikes, down the river Dão and into the Serra de Estrella mountain range. These hikes can also be made individually all throughout the year, as we rent out our home made hiking trail maps.

The Beira Alta region, where the Moinhos do Dão is located, is still defined by rural Portuguese life as it has been for ages. Our valley is tranquil, green and perfect for nature lovers. You will find a wide variety of flora and fauna here, like wild lavender, several types of ferns and animals such as the metallic-blue bird the King Fisher and river turtles. The Moinhos do Dão is an ideal holiday spot for those who want to relax and be surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and for those who want to discover rural Portugal and visit old villages, cities, markets and wineries.

If you have any questions about our facilities or our activities don't hesitate to contact us. The best way to reach us is by email: You can also try calling +351 - 232610586 or +351 933956630

  "What a beautiful spot you have - We saw the otters, heard the Golden Oriole bird, and also saw the King Fisher bird - Delicious food in the restaurant - It is a little paradise indeed with a very hospitable reception - Our hiking trip in the Sierra was super - Our compliments for the team - The Millers House is spacious and comfortable - Especially for kids it is a big and great adventurous place" » More guestquotes...


The valley and area around Moinhos de Dão is environmentally stunning and caters to everybody's needs. On the terrain the Dão river is clear and provides cooling on hot summer days and the abundant and divers flora and fauna is feast for the eye and provides many treasures to discover. One can always find a quiet and private place in nature here.

Next to swimming in the river Dao at the estate of the Moinhos there are several other interesting locations for recreation in and near the water. At only a 30 min drive away from the Moinhos there is the reservoir lake of Fagilde. The lake has facilities for swimming, canoe and pedal boating. Here you will also find a bar and restaurant with a large outdoor terrace. A one hour walk down the river brings you to a green field and beach on the river beautifully located next to an old bridge. In the nearby village of Alcafache there are several bars and terraces.
For a real refreshing swim one can drive (1.5 hour) to the vast beaches of the Atlantic ocean at Praia da Barra near the beautiful harbor town of Aveiro which is known for it's 'casas azulejas' (old houses with tiled facades) and good seafood.

Upstream, a convent and garden dating back to the Middle Ages, lies within walking distance. Nowadays it is in use as a farm and wine cellar. A beautiful walk downstream will take you to the village of Alcafache that houses thermal baths. The neighboring villages of Tibaldinho and Villa Garcia have withstood the ravages of time and one can make day hikes to discover them. The small cafes and shops provide daily groceries and serve fresh coffee and local wine for as little as € 0,70!

Ten miles from the Moinhos are the cities of Mangualde and Viseu that boast many facilities. They can be reached by bus, car or on foot. In Mangualde you will experience a cozy provincial atmosphere and find bars, restaurants, supermarkets, cash-dispensers and a post office. The local market is held every other Thursday. In Viseu one can sense the rich medieval past. Besides what you can find in Mangualde, Viseu offers some extras to the modern tourist: a tourist office, international newspapers, Fado-bars and a few discotheques. Besides the daily market a larger market is held on Tuesdays.

More distant cities and destinations like Porto, Lisbon and Coimbra can be reached by car or public transport. Porto and Coimbra are perfect destinations for day trips, as well as the beach and the Serra da Estrela or Serra de Caramulo mountain range. We can provide you with the necessary information about these trips.

North Portugal offers beautiful and versatile scenery: The Do valley with its many vineyards is neighbored by the wild and desolate Serra da Estrela mountain range. This part of the country is full of old, sometimes deserted villages and wild roaming rivers. Hiking is at its best in the spring or fall: one can make seemingly endless walks through vineyards, olive groves, vast forests and fields full of blooming flowers.

Moinhos do Dão serves the real Dão wine produced by our Portuguese neighbor Peixotte! Click » here « for more information about the Dão wine.



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  Markt Viseu

  Dal van de Zezere in de Serra da Estrela


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